The wise Old Door

The wise Old Door

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The Wise Old Door has seen a lot. It does not reveal secrets. It holds them close. It has weathered well, in the sun, wind, and moisture over the many years that it has stood. It remains a portal that invites one in. As a person looks at it from the outside, it emanates the test of time.

This is a collograph and the details have been finished with Pitt pens. The challange on this pieces was to transmit the beautiful textures from old wood and paint that are on the door and lintel. The tiles that surround are beautiful Talavera tiles. This old door transmits the heritage that comes from Moorish Spain and Mexico.

The Wise Old Door will be available to order as prints (framed and unframed), cards, and journals from Gooten soon. The link will be on the website homepage.

Dimensions: 11" x 7 1/2"