What Motivates My Art

By Brooke Remmert

Tikkun Olam: to repair the world. That is what motivates my art and creativity these days. We are living in very stressful and anxiety-ridden times. It is an unsettled time; a time when dishonesty, meanness, bigotry, greed, and racism override compassion, respect, honesty, humanity, and respect for the earth. I see a great struggle between good and evil. It is impossible to avoid. My response is to create art that is sacred, reflective of nature, whimsical, touches the heart, sparks memory, is soothing, evokes the sacred feminine, and works toward healing the soul. Often my work addresses the issue of social justice and recognizes the role that women play in healing our world.

Elements of the garden and the forest find their way into the pieces that I create. Iconic symbols also play a big role in my work. My goal is that when my art is viewed, it transmits a feeling of peace and tranquility. If any of the other elements are sparked, I feel that my work has been successful to the viewer.

My husband and I are partners in Hummingbird Fine Arts. Our goal in creating a website is to make our art available and affordable to people who would like to grace their home with original art. We feel that original art should be accessible to those who appreciate having such pieces in their homes.


By Frank Remmert

My Art is about a quest, the search for a deeper understanding of what is real. The beauty and wonder of the natural world. The deep-rooted cultural and spiritual values of humanity, and the utter freedom manifested by abstraction have been at the foundation of my creative influences. Always seeking the cord that pulls back the veil of illusion, the ancient Sanskrit "Maya" propels my work in printmaking, painting, and sculpture, always leading to new avenues of exploration in art forms. My work is inspired by the research that I do; photographs, both original and copyright-free, and the study of antiquities and history. I take the images, and make them my own.