Brooke Remmert Art: What Motivates My Art

                                                       What Motivates the Art That I Create

By: Brooke Remmert


 We are living in very stressful and anxiety ridden times. It is an unsettled time; a time when dishonesty, meanness, bigotry, greed, and racism override compassion, respect, honesty, humanity, and respect for the earth. The art that I create attempts to counteract the unsettling and threatening forces that are currently in power. My response is to create art that is sacred, reflective of nature, whimsical, touches the heart, sparks memory, is soothing, evokes the sacred feminine, and works toward healing the soul. Often, my work addresses the issue of social justice and recognizes the role that women play in healing our world. These goals are lofty and the work moves from one iteration to another. I change the concept but keep many aspects. Elements of the garden and the forest find their way into the pieces that I create. Iconic symbols also play a big role in my work. My goal is that when my art is viewed it transmits a feeling of peace and tranquility. If any of the other elements are sparked, I feel that my work has been successful to the viewer.


 My husband and I are partners in Hummingbird Fine Arts. Our goal in creating a website is to make our art, available and affordable, to people that would like to grace their home with original art. We feel that original art should be accessible to those who appreciate having such pieces in their homes.


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