Mid-winter 2021 - Creativity In The Time of Covid

The world is dormant, but life is simmering beneath the surface waiting for inspiration and creativity to come up through the soil; that's how I'm feeling these days. We don't have access to the presses, as our beloved printmaking class is on hold for now, but that doesn't stop what goes on at home; to add to prints, and enhance them. The prints are created in the studio, and the additions to them are created in our home; calligraphy and details are added with acrylics and colored pencils, collage, and turning something into book art. For myself, and for many, these daunting times have tamped down the creative flow, but thankfully, the flow is unstoppable. It may come in the percolation of ideas, making notes, writing quotes, looking at Pinterest or YouTube, seeing something in the natural world or online, or doing other research. The lesson, for me in the times we're in is not to let the flame of creativity be extinguished. It's okay, to have a lower flame. It allows for new things to have time to emerge, be reflected on, and plans to be made. Just like the seasons, it is good to follow our own seasons. Here's to emerging, when the light is strong again, and we are able to let the creations flow freely again. To health, to life, and to healing the world - Tikkun Olam.

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